The power of a habit

I believe that we are a product of the habits we form and creating the right habits early on is a great investment for personal growth. I don’t mean that there could be a time when building a new habit would be too late but as an investment, it’s better to start early in our […]

How I acquired my first 10 customers for Cronhub

Introduction My name is Tigran, I’m 29 and I’m the creator of Cronhub. It’s a side-project because I’m also a full-time remote engineer at Buffer. For the past 5 months, I’ve been building Cronhub into a profitable side-business. Cronhub is a cron monitoring tool for developers. It monitors and alerts you if any of your scheduled […]

The Next 100 Days After My SaaS Side Project Launch, or How I Plan to Acquire My First Customers

It’s been exactly 2 weeks since I launched my first ever SaaS project, Cronhub. I wrote a very personal story on how I shipped Cronhub while working full-time. Today, I’m writing another personal story on how I plan to grow my SaaS side-project to acquire more customers in next 100 days. The goal of this article is to share […]